In 1957, Kolady Govindankutty Menon fought First Kerala Assembly Election successfully from Andathode Constituency, defeating prominent Congress leader Shri. K.G.Karunakara Menon. He was the youngest member of Kerala Assembly that time. The Government was dismissed in 1959. He was the President of Veliyamkode Panchayath continuously for 18 years.

He was the president of Andathode Service Co. Operative Bank.  For the past 20 years he was the member of the state committee of the Communist Party of Kerala  . He Contested for Parliament from Ponnani Constituency against G.M.Banath wala and defeated. 

During the period He Held many positions. He was the Vice Chairman of Kerala Kala Mandalam, He served as Accounts committee member of Kerala Agricultural University.  


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